Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes #32

Good morning, lovely people! 🌤 I hope you’re all doing well this Monday morning. It’s all sun and blue skies here in the UK today, even though it’s still a bit nippy. 😊

So, before I go ahead with this week’s inspirational and motivational quotes, I do want to share a couple things.

As you’ll have noticed if you follow me, I haven’t posted the past week and I’ve missed some of the Monday Morning posts. The last 10 days I’ve been having a a bit of a hard time with something in my life and it’s been a struggle to post here. I do try to post daily on my TikTok and I’ve become really fond of Twitter lately.

Which brings me to the news. After a lot of thought I’ve decided to pause the Monday morning inspirational posts for the time being. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know I used to have a “Saturday Morning Motivation” category, that’s how these posts and this category started. I decided to move it from Saturdays to Mondays, but I feel it’s time now to put a pin in it.

It’s a bit too much to post consistently both here and on TikTok and go to my day job, which is quite demanding. And, if we’re being brutally honest, my income from TikTok is much bigger than the one from Word Ads. Thus, I want to invest more time in making videos.

Bottom line is, I’ve decided to post here only every Thursday morning/afternoon, and that will be my normal lifestyle content.

I’m still overdue in posting my life update and chit chat, it’s been in my drafts for a while but I need to touch up on a few things. Long story short, I’d like to, also, focus on my Etsy shop that I’ve been meaning to launch since January, and on some KDP books I’m still working on.

The other thing is, I’m not sure yet if I want to renew my WordPress Business plan. Last year, I was cheeky and I bought the plan with a 50% off discount, but so far this year I haven’t been that lucky and the plan is due a renewal this May. And I don’t know if it’s worth having a Business plan, because -in all honesty- I haven’t reached this year’s goals for this blog. 🙄 But then again, I do enjoy the plugins and SEO optimisation has made all the difference in my engagement. This is the main plugin I don’t want to lose. So, yeah, still sleeping on that.

Anywho, enough with the rambling, I do have to go back to work (my “normal” work 🙃). I still enjoy posting all the inspirational quotes and positive vibes on a Monday morning, so I decided instead of posting here, I will post these every morning on my Twitter. I feel I can reach more people there, there is a bit more engagement and, personally, I enjoy a good motivational morning/afternoon Tweet. 😌

So, for the last time (for now) here are this week’s best motivational, inspirational and positive vibes quotes. Hope they help you have a great day and motivate you to have a lovely week ahead! ❤️

M. x

Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes 11-4-2022