Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes #31

Good morning, lovely people! 🌤 Or rather good afternoon, depending on where you live I guess. 😁 I hope you’re all having a lovely Monday morning so far! Before I share all the positive, inspirational and motivational Monday morning quotes for this week, I do want to share that your girl is celebrating one more year on this earth today. 🥳 Honestly, many times I thought I wouldn’t make it to this age, so I guess that’s something to celebrate on it’s own. 🙂

So, this week has been a bit of a funny one. It has been crazy fucking busy in my day job, and, also, a lot of shitty things are still happening in the world. Honestly, where to start and where to finish! Potential WW3? Ukraine massacre? Petrol and cost of living in general skyrocketing every passing day? Covid still being around? You fucking name it! (excuse my very colourful language today, b-day girl prerogative😂)

For this reason, I posted some of my favourite simple grounding techniques for anxiety and intense feelings on Saturday, in case you struggle right now like I do. And, I will keep posting positive quotes every Monday morning, of course. This is the whole reason I started this category.

So, here are the best inspirational quotes and motivational vibes that caught my eye this week. I hope they help you get through this Monday and get you ready for the rest of the week ahead. Let me know in the comments how you’re all feeling today! ❤️

M. x

Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes 14-3-22