Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes #25

Morning, everyone! Happy Monday and happy almost December! Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? If not here is some Christmas tree inspiration. 🎄🥰

I’ve been a bit MIA again and I feel so guilty about it. My day job has been quite busy, and I felt too exhausted to deal with anything else on my time off. Which is a bit of an inside joke, considering I’ve shared this is my happy place and I usually enjoy writing for the blog. It’s a bit like a hobby or my relaxing “me” time. In all honesty, I think I need to take my own advise on how to take care of your mental health in 2021 and do a bit of self care.

As I’ve mentioned three times now (🙈), Adsense kicked me out and it was quite a hit. I realise now it affected me more than I thought, and that’s probs why I didn’t feel like writing here. I was/am so uninspired and I have too many drafts.

ANYWAY, I have also been working on a secret project which fingers crossed I can share with you later this week or early next week! 🤞🏽 I will also be posting about it on my TikTok and Twitter, so keep and eye out and follow me if you don’t already! 🥰 More info about that and future posts for this month will be on my December newsletter, that I’ll email this week! 📝 If you have not already subscribed to my blog, scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email and join the club! ♥️ All subscribers will get a FREE Christmas desktop wallpaper this month!

So, let’s have an amazing day today and a brilliant rest of the week. The quotes below are the ones that caught my eye the past two weeks and I hope they inspire you as much as they inspired me.

Drop a comment to tell me how you feel and what your favourite thing about Xmas holidays is. 🤶🏻Mine would have to be Christmas movies and all the holiday food. 🍿🍭😍

Take care!

M. x

Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes 29-11-2021