Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes #22

Good morning, lovelies and happy November! AND happy World Vegan Day! If you didn’t know, 1st November is the World Vegan Day, and what better day than today to stop consuming animal products. 😃 If you’re still a skeptic, read my post with five reasons why you should go vegan today. 🐷

Did you have a good Halloween? I hope you enjoyed the little haunted house story I posted. 👻 I spent the day watching all the horror movies and eating all the Halloween candy. When I walked my dog in the evening I saw a lot of children dressed up and trick-or-treating which was so cute.

But, today, marks the first day of winter and the beginning of the Christmas season (at least in my book 😝)! Is it too early to start decorating for Xmas? I honestly feel like getting out all of my Xmas decorations from storage and start decorating today! Would that be a bit too much? I mean, having said that, that comes from a girl who listens to Xmas music all year round and has a Tumblr blog dedicated solely to winter and Christmas season. ❄️ In fact, I’m listening to Christmas music while I’m writing this post!😂

I’ve had my All Things Winter blog since 2012, and it is definitely my happy place. It’s one of the places I go to when I feel off. You can say it’s my mental well being copying mechanism. I had forgotten about it for many many years to be honest, I think I last posted in 2014 until the beginning of the pandemic, when it all came back to me. I guess it makes sense because of all the crap happening; I needed a getaway and I couldn’t travel like I normally do when my mental health suffers (escape tendencies and childhood trauma anyone?🤣). Anyway, if you love Christmas like I do, give my Tumblr blog a follow and let’s have Christmas fun together! 🎄

Today, I have some work things to do but mostly I am hoping it will be a chilled day because the rest of the week is quite busy. Let’s grab the Monday morning inspirational quotes and have a great start of the week! Also, I have a free November desktop wallpaper coming your way, if you are subscribed to my mailing list! If you haven’t subscribed yet, um what are you waiting for? You’re seriously missing out! 💜

M. x

Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes 1-11-2021