Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes #20

Hi, everyone! I know it’s not quite morning in the UK but I missed this morning’s post and I felt I still wanted to post the morning inspirational quotes, anyway. I sometimes schedule my posts (perhaps if you’re a fellow blogger you’ll say that’s what you should do) but usually, I like writing the Monday morning motivational posts on the actual Monday mornings. That’s because these inspirational quotes do really help me and I do in fact need to read them on a Monday morning.

I’ve not been shy in sharing that I really struggle with staying motivated, inspired and positive. Like today, I woke up making plans to post things and do this and that, and you know what I did? I checked Facebook first thing in the morning, I started comparing myself to everyone else, I proceeded to feeling miserable about not owning a property yet and I wasted the rest of my day looking up properties for sale in my area. Then, I took a walk that sort of helped, and here we are. This is exactly the reason why I deleted my Instagram. I rarely use Facebook nowadays, and what happened today is why I hate going on it.

Anyway, I have a few days off from my day job and I’ve been working on the blog and making TikToks. I, also, started using Twitter and boy, oh, boy have I been missing out. I’ve been struggling to find new blogs, especially because Bloglovin‘ has been playing out and WordPress Reader keeps showing me the same blogs basically. I discovered so many great blogs recently through Twitter, such as The Grumpy Olive for example! I’m so glad I found the Twitter blog community. Better late than never, I guess! 💜

So, to the point now, these are the motivational and inspirational quotes I was planning on posting this morning. It’s probably the end of your Monday by now in the UK, but perhaps if you live in a different time zone, you’re currently having your morning routine and you need some positive vibes! ⭐️

As for me, I’ll work a bit more on my blog and then, I’ll have a cosy movie night in. 🎥 Speaking of movies, this Thursday’s post will be about the best Hallmark autumn movies in 2021. So, if you’re an autumn lover like myself and love a good old cheesy Hallmark film, stay tuned! 😁

M. x

Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes 18-10-2021