Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes #19

Morning, besties! How is everyone today? I’m getting so excited for Halloween! I spent yesterday decorating the house (I prefer fake pumpkins for home decor) and I ordered all the pumpkin spice variations of food I could find. 😂🎃 

For some reason, I’ve been up since the crack of dawn so I started doing chores and work on the blog. I read somewhere online (I want to say it was Zoella?) that if you can’t sleep at night it’s better to get up and about. Otherwise, your body will associate your bed with being awake. So, yeah currently watching Hocus Pocus and eating pumpkin pie PopTarts! 😂🎃👻

I’ve been saving these inspirational quotes this week and they really do help in keeping me motivated. You can follow my Pinterest board for more inspirational quotes. 🙃

Wish you all have a great day and a beautiful start of the week! 💟

Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes 11-10-2021