Monday Morning Motivation: Inspirational Quotes #17

Good morning, beautiful friends, from a rainy England. ☔️ How are we all doing this Monday morning? Had a good weekend?

Mine was same old, same old really. I worked a lot on the blog and on the social media I use i.e. Tumblr, Tiktok and Pinterest.

It’s been a while that most of my friends have moved away or had children during the pandemic, so I’m left spending most weekends with my dog. 😅 To be fair, as an introvert I tend to to this anyway, but I would say this weekend was probably one of the very few times that I actually felt lonely.

I think that will be my Thursday post -how to be happy in your own company or what to do when you don’t have (many) friends. 🤔 Total disclosure, I resorted to shopping therapy yesterday. 😬

Anywho, here are today’s inspirational and motivational quotes! Hope you all have a great start of the week! Still can’t believe October and fall movies season is here! ☺️🍿🍂

Monday Morning Inspirational Quotes 27-09-2021