Monday Morning Motivation: Quotes That Will Inspire You #14

Good morning, beautiful people! ☀️ Long time no see! You must have noticed that I took a bit of a break the past few days (again!).

Thing is, a lot has been happening in my personal life and I didn’t feel like writing on the blog. I actually gave quite a lot of thought onto why that is. This blog is sort of my happy place (along with my Tumblr). I really enjoy creating content and writing here, and it actually bothers me that when things go wrong or are are stressful in my life I neglect it.

I realized the reason for this is that I see this blog as a kind of chore (?) or as a second-job. It takes quite a lot of energy to run a blog, in general, especially including the social media marketing (even though I only use Pinterest and Tiktok).

So, I’ve come to a decision – I will make this blog simpler, if that makes sense. I’m from the generation when blogging was not what it is now. When blogging became a thing, a few years ago, it was a means to share our experiences, our fears, our travel stories, our happiness. And I want to make my blog a bit more of that, as opposed to a magazine-type blog that I’ve been trying to do. Or make it a bit of both, I guess. I love think pieces but I also love “what’s in my bag” posts or “what’s in my TBR list” posts.

Long story short, I updated my theme (yet again!😂 it’s becoming a bit of a joke now) and I will start posting “lighter” posts if that makes sense, i.e. book reviews, hopefully an Edinburgh travel post, some more recipes. I, also, simplified my categories – you can check them out on the menu. I get so caught up in stats and marketing and making a living out of this, that I forget to enjoy it and, instead, it has started causing quite a lot of extra anxiety. On the flip side, I started making some money from Google Adsense and I do want to continue with that.

ANYWHO, this is getting long for a Monday morning inspirational quotes post!

Here are some positive quotes to lighten up your mood (it’s quite cloudy and meh today in South East England). 🙈 Tell me your thoughts, do you struggle with blogging too?

Take care! M. x 💜

Monday Morning Motivation 23-08-2021