Monday Morning Motivation: Quotes That Will Inspire You #10

Good morning, beautiful people (or good afternoon I guess)! ⛅️ How has your weekend been? It’s been very lovely here in the UK! The temperature went as high as 28 C, which is not very common. English/British summer is usually more like spring. 🙈

I spent my weekend swimming in the sea and chilling in the garden! 🍷It’s been a while since I swam in the seafront, what with Covid and everything, and I really quite enjoyed it.🌊 Usually, it’s crazy cold, but for some reason this year the water felt warmer. Obviously, global warming is to blame (you can read here how the pandemic has helped with climate change, by the way). 🙄

Anywho, let’s get on with it! 🌅 Mondays are always hard, and the last few months I’m actually finding Monday mornings quite challenging! Hopefully, these positive and motivational quotes can help us have a good start of the week! 💜

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M. x

Monday Morning Motivation 19-7-21