Monday Morning Motivation: Quotes That Will Inspire You #3

Good morning, beautiful people! 👋🏾 How are you all doing? Hopefully your Monday is less gloomy than here in the UK! 🌧

I find this rainy English weather and the constant barometric pressure changes really mess up with my brain. I’ve had the worse migraines with nausea. ☹️ Do any of you experience this? I, also, get it on airplanes. I’ve been trying aromatherapy, music therapy and, as a last resort, good old codeine. 💊

Anyway, did you watch Eurovision this weekend? For any of you outside Europe, Eurovision is an annual music contest that includes almost all European countries. This year the UK had a funny slash not-so-funny result of nul points. 🤭 My home country, Greece, got 170 points and came 10th in line. 😌

Today, I’m off work and I’m thinking of going for a walk and popping in Primark, apparently they have launched new cute dog coats?! 🐕 After that, I’ll catch up on my reading, I’m so behind with our bookclub picks!

What about you?? What are your plans for this Monday morning? Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy the motivational quotes below and let’s start the last week of May with some positive vibes! 💜

Monday Morning Motivation 24-05-2021