Amazing Small Businesses I Found Through TikTok

As you know, I have an immense love (slash addiction!😅) for TikTok, which stemmed from my aversion for Instagram. One of the many things I really like about this app is that it can make small businesses go viral overnight! 💪🏽

There are numerous amazing small businesses I wouldn’t have discovered if it weren’t for TikTok. Yes, Etsy is the king of small businesses, but, in my personal opinion, Etsy is very similar to Facebook and Instagram; it only promotes your listings if you pay for ads. TikTok does this for free, and its algorithm is much more efficient in showing you items you will love! ✨

So, I decided to share Amazing Small Businesses I Found Through TikTok. 😁

A quick disclaimer, none of the products and businesses mentioned below are affiliated. These are my personal opinions and I find these small businesses incredible and unique and worth checking out!

Okay! Let’s go! ⤵️



Inspired home decor items, which are hand made in Warrington, UK. This Etsy shop has everything from coasters, trays and bespoke jewellery to unique goddess figurines (seen in the picture). You can contact the seller for personalised products, too! 🦋

mr jones watches

Mr Jones Watches

Hands down, this is my best TikTok find of all! I was gobsmacked when this showed up on my FYP! These watches are so unique and cleverly made. It is an amazing take on traditional watches and without a doubt owning one will make you stand out from the crowd! Apple Watch who? ⌚

A little excerpt from the founders:

We don’t follow trends. We make unusual watches which tell a story, start a conversation or simply make you smile.We’re a small, passionate team working from our London studio to bring you watches that are a bit different. Today, everyone checks their mobile phone to see the time. This liberates the watch from being a purely functional object and means that we can be a bit more playful with it. We work really hard to produce original and interesting designs – our interest is not, nor will it ever be in producing something that looks like a Rolex (Rolex already do that job rather well in our opinion!) Rather our interest is in producing something distinctive that is unique to Mr Jones Watches.

Wax & Waned

These wonderful whipped wax candles are made with soy wax and are cruelty free. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I’m impatiently waiting for them be back in stock, so I can get my hand on one!!! 😍

A bit more about whipped wax from the makers:

“Our whipped wax candles take candles to a new level! They’re super stylish and super unique! They burn just like ordinary candles, but on the first burn you must ensure that you burn for at least 2-3 hours to allow an even burn pool otherwise your candle will tunnel. This is the same for any candle.”

The candle in the picture is called “Snow Fairies”. 🕯

Ardent Candle

Yet another candle! (I should probably write a separate post dedicated on unique candles found on TikTok🙈)

This one instantly caught my eye -who even comes up with the idea of a cereal breakfast bowl candle?! It’s truly amazing and the site has many positive reviews. Unfortunately, this candle is also, as expected, sold out. But, you can subscribe to the mailing list, and get notified when it’s back in stock!

Feel Your Soul Converse Roller Skates

These converse roller skates are one of the most innovative business ideas I’ve seen on TikTok!👟

I’ve come across similar ones, but I do like these the most. They were the first of their kind that showed up on my “for you” page – which, again, shows just how spot on the TikTok algorithm is! 🙌🏽

Not gonna lie, they are on the pricier side; they cost almost 400$ a pair (then again, so are Mr Jones Watches above). But, they are hand assembled and custom made and they use the original Chuck 70 Converse.

*For a more affordable alternative, click here.

jcollarts bespoke custom art Gucci bag


This lovely artist, called Jade, takes your everyday favourite items like bags and shoes and completely transforms them to works of art.

You can see in the picture how the owner trusted her with their Gucci Marmont bag and Jade turned it into a beautiful bespoke piece! In my personal opinion, she elevates the value of the product and she should be working with luxury brands full-time.

But for now you can find her on her website, linked above, and on her Etsy shop.

Right! There you have it, Amazing Small Businesses I Found Through TikTok. I could go on and on about all the awesome products TikTok has placed on my “for you” page, but we’d be here for ages! So, I’ll leave it to this (for now). Let me know if you’d like a part 2!

Did you already know about these items?? Were you as mind-blown as I was when I found them??? Tell me all about it in the comments!!! 💜

M. x

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