Saturday Wellbeing Mornings 17-4-2021

Good morning, friends! 👋🏽

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning here in Sussex, even though April has been a bit bipolar weather wise -went from 25 degrees of Celsius to -1 in only a couple of days! 🙈

So, this past week, I tried a new-ish Pinterest widget for iPhones (not sure if it’s available for Android, too). Basically, you can have a widget on your home screen, which shows pictures of quotes or of your favourite board or anything else you want to see every day.

I chose the daily quotes option and I found it very helpful. You can select whether the quotes update daily or hourly (I have it on hourly). It was very inspiring to see a positive quote when I look at my phone to read a text or check my emails! ☀️

The reason I’m sharing this is because all the photo quotes below are my favourite ones from this week -all found on Pinterest!

I highly recommend using this feature (find out how to do so here) as it helps remind you to be positive and stay motivated. 🌸

Take care and have a lovely weekend! 💋