Saturday Wellbeing Mornings 20-03-2021

Hello, beautiful friends! It’s obviously not a Saturday, but I wanted to pop in here and publish this post regardless. 🌸

I was actually a bit busy during the weekend, and, in all honesty, I completely forgot to schedule this post! 🙊

However, I really liked all the photo quotes from last week, so I thought it would still be beneficial to post them today. It is a Monday after all, isn’t it? And Mondays, generally, do require an extra dose of motivation boost and positive energy.

Most of the inspirational quotes seen below were found on Instagram, even though you’ll know if you read this post that I’m not really a big fan of Insta anymore.

Right then, I hope you all have a lovely rest of the day, and a wonderful week ahead!💋

I’ll see you again this Thursday with a Marizé Reads post. 😁

Take care,

M. x

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