Saturday Wellbeing Mornings 13-03-2021

Good morning, beautiful friends! 👋🏽Hope you’re having a nice week!

I would like to start this post by addressing an event that happened recently in the UK. You might or might not have heard of the case of Sarah Everard.

Human Remains Found In Kent Woodland Confirmed As Sarah

I feel the need to speak out about this, because it is something that could have happened to me, to you, to your sister, to your best friend… 

How long will this be treated as the norm? How long will police and men tell us “it’s not safe to walk by yourself at night”, like it’s our fault for simply existing and being female?

When I read in the news yesterday that the “human remains” (what an awful phrase!) found in Kent were indeed identified as Sarah, I started sobbing and I couldn’t stop.  

It is 2021, for fuck’s sake. Why do we still need to have discussions on mental health, on race, on women’s safety?

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More than 50% of women report that they’ve been assaulted or harassed at least one in their lives. More than 90% take precautions when walking or traveling alone, even in broad daylight. 

It makes me so incredibly sad and angry; I feel tearful writing this. I don’t know what else we can do to make men comprehend that we need their support and that they need to just stop abusing us!

Sarah’s murderer is allegedly a police officer. So much for living in the UK and not in the US. And, once we’re at it, I dare not think what the public’s reaction would have been, had the offender been Black or South Asian or Muslim. I still find some people’s comments very blasé and ignorant.

We should all be in the streets, protesting for women’s right to fucking live. To live not in constant fear!

If you are in London and the outside areas, there is a protest taking place today at 6pm, click here for more info.

Please, please, please, if you are in the area do go. Unfortunately, I live too far away and with the current Covid-19 measures I cannot attend. 

Unfortunately, the vigil above has been officially cancelled today (by police decision may I add). Instead #ReclaimTheseStreets are fundraising £320k for women’s causes – more info here.

However, we need to find ways to show our indignation! It is despicable that women in this day and age are scared to walk home when it’s dark outside.

On that note, rant is over. I hope the motivational quotes below inspire you and fill you with some positive energy! We sure as hell need it after all that has happened lately.

Ly all and stay safe

M. x

ps. Tomorrow is my birthday! Stepping on the big old dirty thirty in Covid-19 lockdown – yay! 🎉😅