Saturday Wellbeing Mornings 6-2-2021

Hello, beautiful friends! 👋🏼 I know it’s been a long minute. 👀 How are you all doing this Saturday morning? Can you believe it? It’s February already! 🙉

As I’m sure you will have noticed, I haven’t been feeling much the writing a blogpost and creative vibes the last few weeks. I have touched in previous posts that I’ve been feeling quite low with the whole pandemic situation and especially the third lockdown in the UK.

Allow me to go in a bit of a political rant for a mo here, and say that I feel the current UK government is so useless. And this is coming from a person who grew up with corrupted Greek politicians.

I feel that they keep implementing useless lockdowns and pretend measures, without actually doing anything substantial to face the mental, physical and financial impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on everyone. That’s why the latest lockdown feels harder to me (and many others).

To be honest, it’s quite the eye opener, alongside Brexit, to the British culture and political background, and has made me re-evaluate whether I want to keep living in this country.

Anyway, rant is over.

Here is our weekly dose of happiness and positivity! How do you find the whole pandemic situation and do you have any good copying mechanisms? Do share in the comments!

Mine are drawing , photography and reading books. Lately, I also took a big step forward and decided to pursue therapy to help me deal with my moods. What about you?

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend! ❤️

Ly lots,

M. x

ps. I will be posting this Tuesday, so keep an eye out for that article. In the meantime, explore my other content here, here and here! 🙃