Saturday Wellbeing Mornings 26-12-2020

Morning, gorgeous people! 👋🏼 Happy Boxing Day and welcome to the last weekend of 2020! 🎊

We have reached the last Saturday of this peculiar year, and only have a few days to go until 2021. 🎐

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! 🎄If you live in the UK, you probably are in one of the areas that enter Tier 4 today. 😷 Stay safe, sane and we will get through this together! 💪🏼

I feel the only saving grace is that the weather is pretty windy and rainy this Saturday morning, so it’s not like there’s blue skies outside and we have to stay in.☔️

I send positive vibes your way and wish you have a beautiful last-of-2020 weekend! ! ! 💖

Ly all 💋,

M. x