Saturday Wellbeing Mornings 5-12-2020

Morning, gorgeous friends! I hope you had a lovely week and did a bit of Christmas shopping and holiday decorating. 🎄Here in the UK most counties are on Tier 2, which means you can only meet 6 friends outside and most shops are open. We’re also getting ready for mass Covid-19 vaccinations to the most vulnerable groups. Not gonna lie, it stresses me out a little bit, but fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. 🤞🏽

The weather has been quite grim, even for England, and I find it a struggle to stay productive and energetic. 🙈 Does anyone else feel this way? Also, have you seen the effing thundersnow in Scotland? ? I mean I din’t even thought that was a word! 😅❄️ I’m low-key jelly they have snow, however, I really do pray for White Christmas – 2020 owes us as much!

On that note, here is your weekly dose of positivity. 😇

Have a festive and cosy weekend everyone! Also, don’t forget to show some love to small businesses for your Xmas shopping. 🎁

Ly all,

M. xx