Saturday Wellbeing Mornings 28-11-2020

rainbow maya angelou quote

Good morning, gorgeous friends! I hope you all had a great week and are enjoying your Saturday morning! ☕️

It’s only 26 days until Christmas Day and I’m so excited ! ! ! 🎄 I’ve already started buying Christmas gifts, and this year, I became one of those dog mums and got some prezzies for my doggy! 🐶

People around my neighbourhood have started decorating their houses, and one of the best things about our dog walks is peeping into other people’s living rooms, when they have their curtains open. 🙈 Does that make a stalker? Do any of you do that as well?😅

I just love getting a little peek of someone’s life and home decor, even when it’s not Christmas season; it’s just even better seeing their holiday decorations and colourful fairy lights! ✨I find it oddly relaxing, like browsing a Pinterest board!😍

On a different exciting note, I started a Christmas series called “All Things Festive”. ✨Normally, my posts go up on Saturday mornings and on alternate Tuesdays, mostly because of lack of time due to my day job. However, I will also be posting every Friday until Christmas Day, and you can expect all things Christmas films, books, baking and more! The first post of the series is already up and you can find it here! 🍿

But enough with the Christmas ramble, let’s get into all the inspirational quotes that caught my eye this week:

Have a beautiful weekend, and stay safe! 😷

Ly all

M. x