Saturday Wellbeing Mornings 14-11-2020

Good morning, beautiful people! 👋🏽 I hope you’re all well and safe. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit blue; don’t know if it’s the winter weather or what. That’s why I missed Tuesday’s post. I have a couple of articles I’m working on, but I could not find the energy to finish them. What with my day job as well. I will aim to finish writing my article about retail therapy this weekend and post it this Tuesday. 🙃

Anywho, here are some motivational quotes, to lift our spirits!

Also, if any of you want to get in the Xmas spirit, I revived an old Tumblr blog I had called “All Things Winter“. ❄️ It used to be my happy place when I was in school (yes, it’s that old!! 😝). I’m updating it daily with all things winter and Christmas, incl. festive music! Come and say hi! 😊

Have a lovely weekend, peeps!


M. x

3 thoughts on “Saturday Wellbeing Mornings 14-11-2020

    1. Thanks so much! ☺️ I haven’t put up any of my Xmas decor yet, only today did I reluctantly buy a mini poinsettia from Lidl 🙈 Look out for a post I’m writing on the best Christmas films to watch, one for every day of December until Christmas Day!! 🙃🎄

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