Blog Mini Update – Why I went MIA

Hello, beautiful people! 👋🏽

Before I return to my normal content and upload my next post, I wanted to take a moment and update you on why I went MIA so soon after my blog went live.

Basically, around a month ago, a series of unfortunate events started happening, with the cherry on top of the cake being my car hydroplaning on the A31. It was the first car accident I’ve ever had in my 8 years of driving, and my worst nightmare coming true, as I had my dog with me.

Thankfully, my doggy is safe and sound, and my car had no serious damage and has now being repaired. I did suffer an injury, which is partly the reason I have taken a break. The other reason is that my mental health was affected quite a bit both because of the accident and because of the disgusting experience I had with RAC and Tesco car insurance (which I recommend you avoid like the fucking plague).

Today, for the first time in weeks, I felt like opening my laptop and creating content. I had quite a few drafts, which I will start publishing from this Saturday. However, I still don’t feel 100% myself and thus, I will be taking things easy.

If you’re still here thank you!  Great stuff are coming, both in the blog and on my Etsy store! ☺️

On a different note, who is as pumped as I am for autumn finally being here???  I swear that’s the reason I started feeling a bit better! 🍂

Have you done anything Halloween-y yet??  Let me know in the comments below what is your favourite thing about autumn! 🎃

Mine is horror films and walks in London parks! 🍁

Ly all! 

M. x