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As you know, I have an immense love for TikTok (which stemmed from my aversion for Instagram)! There are numerous amazing small businesses I wouldn’t have discovered if it weren’t for TikTok. Let’s explore the best and most unique products that have showed up on my “for you” page! 🙃✌🏽


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Brace yourself for the most sinful vegan brownies you have ever eaten! It took me a few tries (and lots of calories!) to get the recipe right, but believe you me, this brownie is heaven!😋

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Four Positive Things Covid-19 Has Brought
Today we’re going to chat about Four Positive Things Covid-19 Has Brought. I’ve been meaning to post this for quite a while, but I have been struggling with keeping positive and actually finding the silver lining from this pandemic. […] Keep reading

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Monday Morning Motivation: Quotes That Will Inspire You
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been struggling a lot lately with staying positive, inspired and productive, especially in the beginning of each week. I really have to put an effort into getting out of bed every Monday morning and getting on with my day job, plus posting on the blog on a regular basis. […] Click here for more positive quotes

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How Deleting My Instagram Made Me Happier
Today I would like to touch on social media and their impact on our day to day lives. Specifically, I will be talking about how deleting my Instagram made me happier. Truth be told, I had been toying with the idea of deleting all my social media for a very long time. I never used to have any social media […] Keep reading

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The Marizé Reads: What I Read This March (2021)
In this month’s Marizé Reads I will be sharing what I read this March, and my April book recommendations! But, before we continue, I have the pleasure to invite you to join our newly created Goodreads group “The Marizé Reads“! By joining you’ll be able to easily keep track of […] Keep Reading

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A Single Girl’s Stories of Online Dating

Being a single girl dating in 2020 is hard. I mean, it has always been hard, but nowadays, life has become so busy that there is not enough time to meet friends, let alone meet potential boyfriends. That’s why online […]

11 Brilliant ‘90s TV Shows You Will Love

Aloha, friends!👋🏽 If you landed on this page, Google has you all figured out for the TV show fanatic you are! 😄 A warm welcome to the 11 Brilliant ‘90s TV Shows You Will Love list. 🙌🏼 I want to […]

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Four Hidden Gems in Brighton and Hove

Whether you’ve lived in Brighton your whole life or you’ve just moved in, there are 4 hidden gems you need to visit. Given the current situation with Covid-19, some of them might me off limits. However, you can bookmark this page and go exploring as soon as lockdown is over.

When Carrie Bradshaw Wore It First: Iconic Designer Bags

Sex and the City (SATC)was undeniably an iconic and groundbreaking TV show. Many loved it and many hated it, but one thing is for sure; people were talking about Carrie Bradshaw and her group of girlfriends. The main theme of […]

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